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What to Expect from Hardwood Flooring in Kelowna

Each Piece Is Different

All hardwoods are not equal, because patterns in nature are diverse. Even in your one flooring project, the hardwood will vary in grain patterns and colour. These differences in each piece of wood add to the beauty and character of the flooring, instead of detracting because all the pieces are not the same. Learn to appreciate the subtle differences between each piece of wood in your place’s hardwood flooring in Kelowna.

Cracks Are Inevitable

Because the wood is natural, it will also expand and contract according to moisture level (and thus season). Due to these changes, cracks can appear between the pieces of hardwood. When choosing a type of flooring, take into consideration that light woods will show more cracks than darker floors. You might also want to consider using a humidifier to minimize your hardwood floor’s expanding and contracting movement. You may keep this in mind when choosing your flooring.

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